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About North Guard Fall Protection Inc.

Specializing in fall protection solutions and training.


Our mission is to make the world a safer place, one project at a time.


Founded in 1999, North Guard Fall Protection (NGFP) is a First Nations Aboriginal Company specializing in fall protection, rescue and high angle solutions. North Guard was created to provide fall protection solutions for a vertical world and specializes in providing fall protection solutions for difficult situations, by working with manufacturers to design, or in some cases, invent, custom solutions that have have been stymied by other companies.
NGFP is an industry leader in the consultation and installation of fall arrest systems. Our products exceed the highest regulatory and legislative standards and are installed throughout North America to provide dependable continuous fall protection for individuals working @height.
We are a True “Turn-Key” company, meaning that while our competitors contract out all their services, we choose to maintain a level of quality and confidence that can only be provided by our constant training of our crews and staff.
We are also fall protection trainers, having delivered the course for over 2000 students. We are also certified trainers in fall protection for CN Railways, having worked with them for over 20 years.

North Guard Fall Protection Inc. (NGFP) specializes in the consultation, fabrication and installation of fall protection systems for companies that live and operate under conditions where fall protection is serious business. Our access to the world’s leading manufacturers of fall protection and confined space equipment gives us the necessary resources to solve any fall protection problem you might face.

Every fall arrest system application is unique and has its own characteristics. Our comprehensive range of products can meet the requirements of the most challenging environments. NGFP offers a custom consulting services that addresses the demands imposed by unusual structures or extreme conditions and ensures that worker safety @height can be protected in any situation.

NGFP will work with you to help define the most suitable fall arrest solution for your needs. Our awareness of fabrication and construction techniques and material, in addition to our specialized knowledge of fall arrest systems, ideally positions us to contribute ideas from the earliest design and planning stages.

WCB industry code 42109

Backed by a $ 10 000 000.00 liability insurance policy that specifies fall protection design and installation, ensures that our clients receive the utmost in professionalism and quality.

All Engineering is carried out by Independent Third Party Engineering firms that oversee the design and stamp their approval on every project.

North Guard have been operating since 1999 and have one simple motto:

“We make the world a safer place, one little job at a time.”

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North Guard Fall Protection
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