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North Guard Fall Protection Inc. are Factory Trained Installers of Latchways Mansafe Fall Protection, Certified MSA Installers, and distributors for Spanco/Rigid Lifeline Rail Systems.

To ensure compliance with our clients vast catalog of different fall protection systems, we have been certified to inspect the products of many of the leading safety companies in the world, including MSA, Tractel, DBI, and others.  Being Factory Trained in Latchways Fall Protection Systems since 1999, our primary and preferred lifeline manufacturer with their innovative and world renowned Mansafe and Constant Force Lifeline Systems. Latchways Systems are versatile in every application, vertical, horizontal, inclined and as well as being able to navigate a complete 360 circle hands-free !

Fall Protection Concepts, and Consultation

Through consultation and concepts of manufactured systems and we are able to provide fall arrest systems for aircraft, buildings, bridges, industrial, dams, theme parks, offshore, onshore and manufacturing facilities utilizing the existing structure or fabricate/build components that will ensure worker safety while working at heights.  Under the direction and supervision of a qualified contracted engineer, existing structures will be re -enforced as required by the contracted engineer on record* mandates to ensure the fall protection systems do not damage or weaken the structure.
We can provide professional inspection, certification and analysis of all your current fall protection.

  • Fall Protection Audits and Assessments as they pertain to jurisdictional code requirements and CSA
  • Anchorage point design and validation
  • Horizontal Lifeline and Rigid Rail Systems Consultation
  • Fall Protection System
  • Drawings sealed and stamped by a contracted structural P.E. in Province or State project is located.*
  • On-site Structural and Mechanical Engineering* by request performed by our independent and qualified contracted engineering companies
  • Equipment selection for procurement purposes
  • Qualified Person Services
  • NDT Testing of existing anchors, including load testing in accordance with Provincial and Federal Codes

Rescue Training and Standby Services

We provide training in fall arrest, high angle rescue and confined space.  North Guard also provides standby services for high angle rescue and confined space watch/monitoring.

Training components include the following:

  • Identification of hazards associated with elevated areas
  • Pre-planning for work from elevated areas
  • Emergency rescue pre-planning
  • Proper selection and inspection of safety and rescue equipment
  • Team-rescue participation
  • Effective communication in emergency situations
  • High angle rescue
  • IRATA and SPRAT Rope Access Certified Training through our affiliate partners available upon request.
  • Access Platforms Specialist for Aircraft and Heavy Oil Sands Equipment.
  • Latchways Mansafe Fall Protection Systems
  • Latchways Self Retracting Lifelines, (Reload by SafeWaze)
  • MSA Fall Protection Products Sureline, Horizon, SureRail and more.
  • XS Platforms Systems
  • Tractel Lifeline Systems, Tempo HLL.
  • 360 degrees Tank Fall Protection Systems
  • We provide fall protection equipment through our network of suppliers to ensure that all of your fall protection needs are met.


We can provide onsite anchor load testing and mechanical fitting certification as well as inspection of all of your existing fall protection systems. We can provide Rope Access inspections to those difficult sites and verify structural integrity using Mag Particle, Ultrasound and Radiography sources.  All NDT Testing upon request are provided in conjunction with our affiliate partners.

Tower inspections completed with our contracted engineers* available throughout Canada and the United States.

North Guard Fall Protection System Inspections are provided with the following  documentation.  When required,  engineering reviews are completed by our qualified third party contractors.

  • On site inspection Report with photographs (when required)
  • Inspection reports for each piece of equipment
  • Equipment Evaluation in reference to the Jurisdictional Regulations
  • Posted records of equipment pass and failure
  • Equipment disposal
  • Yearly budget report
  • Inspection anniversary reminder
  • On site document retrieval


We provide both Fall Protection End User training through the Fall Protection Groups Fall Protection Programs.

The one day Industrial / Commercial End-User program will allow you to understand the use of fall protection, as it relates to the work you perform at height. Various fall protection options exist, this course will identify which options best meet your needs, and give you the tools and knowledge to work at height safely. The course material is energetically delivered over a full day, that includes hands-on activities, video analysis, and focuses on student participation. Course delivery is performed by one of our highly qualified instructors.

The Course Includes:

  • fall accident statistics
  • governing bodies and regulations
  • dynamics of falling
  • fall protection systems
  • fall protection planning
  • fall arrest system components
  • clearance & free fall calculations
  • harness fitting
  • equipment care and inspection
  • suspension trauma
  • rescue principles


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